Chemistry of Nanoworld

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Junior Certificate


Junior cert includes studies of atomic and molecular structure and also properties of magnets

Main learning outcomes:

Students should appreciate that elements can have different molecular arrangements and that their behaviour can change at the nano level

Junior Certificate – Science


2A1 Materials – States of matter and characteristics of solids liquids and gases

2A3 Classifcation of substances, elements and compounds

2C2 Bonding – Molecules as groups of atoms

Leaving Certificate – Summary:

The leaving certificate Chemistry syllabus expects students to gain an understanding of behaviour of substances at the molecular level. Nanochemistry is introduced as a topic in the proposed new syllabus.

Main learning outcomes:

Students should gain knowledge of fullerene structures and also see how the properties of substances change at the nano level

Leaving Certificate – Chemistry

2 Chemical Bonding

2.1 Chemical Compounds

2.3 Covalent Bonding – Molecules and minute size of molecules.

2.5 Shapes of Molecules and Intermolecular Forces

Option 2A: Materials – 2A.1 Crystals : Discovery of Buckminsterfullerene.