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Different individual modules within the kit relate to different topics of the Junior Cert Science syllabus. This kit is quite versatile and depending on what activities are developed could cover a broad range of topics.

For example: Sound, wave phenomena, electricity and sensors.

Junior Certificate – Technology

3.1.3 Energy and Control – Electric Circuits & Electronic Systems

Electric current as a flow of charge, correct use of the following terms: DC power source, voltage, current, resistance, the relationship between voltage, current, resistance, the units in which current, voltage, resistance are measured, use of instruments to test continuity, to measure current, voltage, resistance, simple circuits incorporating a range of simple devices e.g. bulbs, buzzers, switches.

Input sensors to include switches. light, sound, heat. Etc.

Process units to include decision making (digital logic), amplification, switching, time-delay; output to include light, sound, heat, motion.

Assembly and use of simple systems

3.2 Design Procedure

Junior Certificate – Science – Physics

3B5 – Sound

3C4 – Electric Circuits

3C6 – Electronics