Electronics Inventors


Many students have a natural sense of enthusiasm to create interesting and unusual technology based inventions. This project aims to allow students to explore the possibilities of developing creative ideas with electronic components without requiring any specialist skills or knowledge of electronics. This is achieved by using the modular LittleBits kit.

In this activity students can invent and build electronic systems from a set of easy-­to­‐use modules that snap together magnetically. Modules include: light and sound sensors, power supply, motors, fans and numerous options for sound processing, a Wi-­Fi module and a selection of output devices. From these modules students can invent electronic systems and quickly commence building a prototype system by connecting the constituent modules in the appropriate order. This allows a quick and fun transition from concept to prototype without any specialist knowledge of electronics.

Example systems that could be built are: keyboard, synthesiser, intruder alarm and a remote wireless lighting system, with different projects suitable for different age ranges.



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